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Compulsive Obsession for Infinite

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Sungjong for Vogue Korea magazine November 2014 issue (cr monodrama)

Jongie… changed.

The translation function in the INFINITE STARS app is ridiculous. Haha! The title of L’s drama was translated to “My Neck Too Lovely to Her”. Obviously she is crazily in love with the neck.

Woollim. Please~~ Save us.

141015 DW @ Incheon Airport Arrival (cr newsen)

Our Dino is finally back. Glad he is not as tanned as Yeol that time.

Infinite F debut in November in Japan.

(cr universal music japan) (eng trans cr 7nspired)

NIT is a cafe sajangnim opened, which located at seongsan-dong number 59 and woollim’s new building is located at seongsan-dong number 58. (cr IN家南小木 via myeongs00) (pic cr howauhoya0830)

N (Nell) I (Infinite) T (Tasty)

[Fanfic Must Read] BLACK STONE

Some of you may have cringed your face and scrunched your nose to the idea of fanfics, but when you are bored, fanfics really do make a difference. They are entertaining, engaging and relatable, cause we know the characters involved.

Some fanfics are totally to-be-avoided but Black Stone here, is recommended for those Yadong worshippers. I am screaming ME ME ME ME right now. I read it twice and still very much in love with it.

(cr author 천무 for writing it and jiwonnah for translating)

131006 Sungjong @ Gangnam Hallyu Festival (cr bella bella)

Last year today.

131006 Sungyeol @ Gangnam Hallyu Festival (cr loeyeol)

Last year today.

131006 Woohyun @ Gangnam Hallyu Festival (cr wonderland)

Last year today.

131006 Dongwoo @ Gangnam Hallyu Festival (cr DW’s home)

Last year today.

141003 DW @ Park Kyung Lim Concert (cr donu day)

141005 DW @ Incheon Airport departing for Costa Rica for ‘Law of Jungle’ recording (cr dreaming boy)

141003 SJ @ Park Kyung Lim Concert (cr falling angel)

141003 SK @ Park Kyung Lim Concert (cr spotlight)

Looking god-damn good! - caps (cr fucking special)