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Compulsive Obsession for Infinite

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So.. people have been telling me that fangirling is a waste of time. Would like to slap these wise words to their faces..

(cr 9gag)




(cr hoya_mommy)

Brief trans: Hoya’s restaurant “돈까스타” will open until 20 April 2014 only.

I havent even had the chance to go~~ Baby 왜?!

Update: It will only be closed for a short while and reopen again. But they will be selling 돼지국밥 (pork soup rice?) instead. (cr 거미0328)

(cr weibo mentioned above)

140415 Sungkyu @ Incheon Airport arriving from LA (cr gyu_uya)

호원아~ 잘자.. 사랑해 ♡

(via 李浩沅LeeHoWon吧)

All I need is love… All I need is love.. from you~~~ (cr hogam)

140412 Sungyeol @ LA Kpop Festival (cr eversince)

140412 Hoya @ LA Kpop Festival (cr hoya_mike)

140412 Infinite @ LA Kpop Festival (cr hoya_mike)