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Compulsive Obsession for Infinite

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Can someone in Korea get this for me please? (cr hee4688)

Can someone tell me how to get this Infinite Pepsi card? 

(cr wild_nature2813)

According to the casting site, Hoya’s upcoming movie’s title is “희야” (Heeya) and the script reading will taken place on September 24th (cr qhuong) (pic cr infizest_)

Its about time that he acts again ya! 주연배우 - 인피니트 호야. So proud so proud!

Really a lucky fan to see Myung in sub! (cr 夏天的雪糕同学)

L as ‘Siwoo’ in SBS drama ‘My Lovely Girl’ (cr sbs)

L  in Intravel Infinite DVD & Book  ソンギュ - scans (cr 为了精明猪爬墙的CC)

SJ in Intravel Infinite DVD & Book  ソンギュ - scans (cr 为了精明猪爬墙的CC)

140901 L @ Gimpo Airport Arrival (cr YeSery)

140901 L @ Gimpo Airport Arrival (cr fall in  L)