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Compulsive Obsession for Infinite

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When Sungjong calls Hoya-Ssi  (゜▽゜;)

What’s wrong with Hoya-ssi ? Please explain

140801 Hoya to/fro KBS Music Bank Pre-Recording (cr spider0328, butter, station91 & 주희a)

Poor baby! I am so sad.. Sigh.

140730 Hoya @ Cultwo Show (cr flyingsparks328)

Doing the heart sign with such a black face. Lol.

Hoya so typical of him!!

infinite求爱方式:优贤—诱惑她;成烈—缠住她;明洙—守护她;圣圭—拜托她;浩沅—欺负她;东雨—直接告白;成种—从朋友做起。。。。PS:明洙还说要想跟踪者一样,远远的看着她,结果被成员们说变态[囧] (cr 妖不妖zizo)

140730 Hoya with a little girl @ Cultwo Show (cr hogam & infinite updates)

140730 Infinite to/fro Cultwo Show (cr spider0328)

Hoya baby is injured! I am so heartbroken.

[Cultwo Show] Hoya said that he injured his leg yesterday, and had to be in crutches for a while to heal. (cr infinite7soul)

Woollim Reps on Hoya’s injury: “We need to look into his injury, after we obtain the results we will confirm the rest of Hoya’s activities. (cr infinite7facts)

Woollim rep told sstv that Hoya injured a ligament during yooheeyeol’s sketchbook recording on the 29th. Woollim told newsen hoya’s injury is not serious. it wont affect his activities. he plans on performing at the concert as scheduled also. (cr theinfinite7)

140720 Hoya to/fro SBS Inkigayo Recording (cr hogam)

140722 Hoya to/fro KBS Jo Jungchi and Jang Dongmin 2o’ clock Radio (cr hoya macaron)

140721 Hoya to/fro Simply K-Pop Recording (cr H_loveholic)